Budapest in pictures - Photos of Budapest today
This is a guide of Budapest in pictures. These are photos we have taken over the past few years of the life in Budapest. Since you can find pictures of monuments and tourist sites in your guidebook, we try to focus on the everyday life here, even when showing the same monuments and tourist sites. So our aim is to show you what Budapest is really like from the perspective of the people who live here long term.

Budapest Andrássy út
Budapest, Andrássy út in the summer.

Budapest Dohány utca Synagogue
Budapest, Dohány utca Synagogue. You can see the beautiful clouds above the Synagogue.

Budapest Dohány utca Synagogue
Budapest, Dohány utca Synagogue. Some more images of the clouds and part of Dohány utca.

Budapest residential blocks
Budapest, residential blocks. These are concrete panel buildings erected in the 1970s as a solution to the housing problems. Today they are the cheapest type of housing in Budapest.

Budapest in the winter
Budapest in the winter. A piece of nature among the above residential blocks.

Budapest, Church on Lehel-tér
Budapest, Church on Lehel-tér. This is a square behind the Nyugati Railways Station and the Westend Shopping Center. The church is a replica of the Ják Church not to far from Budapest, built in the Romanesque style.

Budapest, railway tracks behind Nyugati
Budapest, railway tracks behind Nyugati, the Western Railway Station.
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Accommodation in Budapest
Private accommodation in downtown Budapest next to the Parliament.

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Budapest in pictures - Photos of Budapest today

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