Parking in Budapest

Parking in Budapest is worse than traffic. It is worse than most anything in this city. Finding parking spots is a constant problem in Budapest, no matter how good you are at it. We leave right by the Synagogue and it is one of the places which used to be OK just a year ago. Today, it is a parking disaster area.

In the last couple of years the Synagogue has become a major tourist attraction and they are using nightly it for concerts and other events. Because of this, I can never ever find a spot near my apartment in the evening.

During the day the traffic jam mostly consists of cars circling around trying to find parking. They make one round after the other, getting more and more frustrated. I cannot complain, I am doing the same, circling around in ever increasing frustration.

Then there are the parking fines. You get a parking fine if your meter ...

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Parking in Budapest