A Hungarian-Serbian treasure chest


A Hungarian-Serbian treasure chest
Situated just 20 kms north of Budapest, Szentendre is the perfect place for a day out, no matter if you long for just an easy walk in a fabulous surrounding or feel like having yet another bite of traditional Hungarian folk art. If you are enjoying a sunny day it is best to reach the town by boat: taking a general look at the settlement from the river is just the perfect start. What awaits you after your arrival is an abundance of eating places, nice little pubs and confectioneries to please your appetite with virtually anything you desire.

Probably all locals will recommend you sending after your preferred paprika meal a bowl of Somlói galuska (sponge layers with nuts and chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream) or a decent portion of ice-cream with fresh fruit. To enhance the joy of sipping your ice cool pint, you will be entertained by live music, which is quite common outside and in the garden of restaurants. To aid your digestion after the filling meal you will find it pleasant to wander about in the winding, narrow alleys with original, rough paving. Virtually wherever you walk, you will find it hard to avoid an extensive chain of souvenir shops, not leaving your trunk for take-home keepsakes empty.

Two wheels rolling underneath
If you feel like a faster-than-walk but still hands-on experience, you may consider choosing the cycling way of exploring Szentendre and rent a bike. Whether on foot or on two wheels, however, it is worth giving yourself a chance to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Danube from the curved promenade embedded in a colorful row of nicely-kept flowers.

Be prepared to see artists on the way, painting landscapes and sometimes flash portrays. Szentendre is still an active, and indeed prolific arts center. To satisfy your desire for arts pleasure you can choose from an excellent selection of art galleries, museums, and pottery and other workshops that display and sell their products.

You don't even have to come back…
Finally, with the advance of sunset don't feel forced to say goodbye to this charming little town that you have grown to like so much. There is the option of staying longer (or why not overnight?) and crown the day with a well-deserved chill-out in one of the clubs and pubs.

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