Biatorbágy Train Wreck - Silvester Matuska Sentenced to Death

Biatorbágy Train Wreck - Silvester Matuska Sentenced to Death

Biatorbágy appears in Hungarian history as the place where on 13 September, 1931 Silvester Matuska has blown up the viaduct with the Budapest-Vienna express passing through it. The bombing was attributed to the Communists and, as a consequence, a marshall law has been put into effect until October 1932. Below are two American newspaper excerpts about the event.

Many Killed in Budapest Wreck (The Lincoln Star, September 13, 1931)
25 dead and 60 injured after bomb derails Hungarian train.
Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 13, 1931. - United Press.
The Budapest express was wrecked near Biatorbagy today with a heavy loss of life reported.

According to the superintendent of the hospital to which victims were taken the dead numbered 25 and the injured 60. It was believed additional bodies still were buried beneath the debris.

Preliminary reports were that no foreigners were listed among the casualties. A police cordon was established at the scene of the disaster. A bomb caused the wreck.

The express was derailed on a viaduct and all carriaged except three plunged 120 feet. The relief trains were sent to the scene. Six carriages went into the ravine. Early today eight bodies had been recovered.

The authorities blamed irresponsible communists for the disaster. They said a fuse was found at the scene of the wreck with a paper attached which read. "Capitalists of the world, if you will not give us work, we know how to make it."

The scene of the wreck is 25 from Budapest.

Train Wrecker of Hungary Must Die (Nevada State Journal, July 1, 1935)
Budapest, June 30. 1935. - United Press.
Silvester Matuska who derailed trains for the "joy of seeing them plunge over precipices," must hang, the Hungarian court of appeals decided tonight.

Matuska will die as soon as he completes a prison sentence in Austria. Hungary asked Matuska's extradition because of his participation in the Biatorbágy wreck in which a score were killed.

Biatorbágy Train Wreck - Silvester Matuska Sentenced to Death
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Biatorbágy Train Wreck - Silvester Matuska Sentenced to Death

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